07 May 2022

The acclaimed HOWO tractor truck, in addition to relying on handling, what are its advantages? Is it capable of meeting the various requirements of consumers?


The first time I saw the HOWO tractor truck, adjectives such as handsome and graceful came to my mind, and the side lines on the side can also show the beauty of the appearance to the fullest. The stomata front face of the Sinotruk Howo family is too recognizable. The sharp headlights are the strengths of this car. The headlights are my favorite venue. The rear of the whole car looks very sexy, the embellishment of the rear lights looks more fashionable, and the fan-shaped wheels are quite beautiful and look like a flower. Overall, the configuration is very sports-like and can bring a certain visual impact.


In terms of power and handling, the speed-up of the whole car is very good, which is also my favorite. The driving form is 6X4. Whether it is daily starting or high-speed overtaking, there is no pressure. This display really surprised me. The gearbox uses the advanced Sinotruk 12-speed gearbox with as many as 12 gears. This power system is at least trustworthy in terms of smoothness. With the help of Sinotruk Howo's superb tuning skills, the engine and transmission achieve a diamond match. The power output is linear, the response is timely, and there is no sense of muddy water. The driver can control it freely without any adaptation process after picking up the car. The maximum torque data of 1560 and the maximum speed can reach 102 km/h. Compared with the Jiefangtu V, the HOWO tractor truck is on par with its rivals. In general, the power performance of the HOWO tractor truck is very competitive in the same class of models.


As for the loading ability, the loading ability is quite outstanding. The body size data of the HOWO tractor truck is 6800*2496*3170mm, and the wheelbase reaches the same class-leading 3225+1350mm, which makes it easy to pull 40 tons of cargo.

In terms of riding comfort, the HOWO tractor truck has made great efforts to create riding comfort. Even if a person with a body size of 175 sits in the car, there is still sufficient head space. It has the blessing of high top row semi-cushion, and at the same time, the seat bag is moderately soft and hard, which can give you a comfortable feeling under any road conditions. When passing through uneven roads, the rear axle of AC16 can make the cargo stable. The constant temperature effect of the air conditioner is quite ideal, the sound insulation effect of the whole vehicle is good, and the wind noise can hardly be heard at high speed.



The HOWO tractor truck has good handling performance. Even if it is fully loaded with 40 tons, the steering wheel has a moderate change of direction, the turning force is even, and it is very confident to turn quickly. The HOWO tractor truck is stable at high speed and smooth at low speed during driving, giving people a sense of solidity. Overall, the handling of the HOWO tractor truck is gratifying.

In terms of fuel consumption, the HOWO tractor truck has an energy consumption performance of 23.94L per 100 kilometers. When driving on urban roads, affected by vehicle speed and traffic lights, the energy consumption is 13.79L, and the energy consumption with full cargo is only about 34L, which is more economical. The fuel cost is 0.15 dollar per kilometer, and it takes 374L of oil for 1100km. The cost is less than 300 dollar. In addition to the 40-ton mass of the car body itself, it is admirable that the HOWO tractor truck can have such energy consumption data.


Through the above analysis, the HOWO tractor truck, which has an absolute advantage in the market, in addition to the recognized control advantages of the car buying group, has also achieved excellence in terms of appearance, power, space, comfort and fuel consumption, all of which are very suitable for car buyers. Even if the HOWO tractor truck is compared with the same price car, the HOWO tractor truck also has a higher cost performance. In general, in a world where "magic cars" are invincible, if a car wants to stand out from the crowd, it must understand its customers, just like the HOWO tractor truck. So for the much-anticipated HOWO tractor truck, do you agree with it?

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