27 Dec 2019

On October 28, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a document, stressing once again that from January 1, 2020, all wheels of three-axle rail type and bin grid type semi-trailer shall be equipped with disc brake and air bag suspension. For these two types of vehicles, is it necessary to force the disc brake on the airbag bridge?

What are the advantages of disc brake air bag Bridge

First of all, in terms of disc brake, its advantages are mainly reflected in its fast braking response, so with ABS and EBS systems, it can significantly shorten the braking distance. It is estimated that the braking distance of the disc brake is about 66.22 meters and that of the drum brake is 88.72 meters under the condition of cold brake. But the main expectation for disc brake is that it has good heat resistance.

It's true that disc brake has better performance of anti heat recession than drum brake, but in fact, it also has a degree. In fact, the temperature of disc brake on long downhill road will be higher than that of drum brake under continuous high temperature condition. If the brake is used continuously, the wear of brake pad will be accelerated, and even the brake disc will be cracked. In addition, the disc brake shall not be drenched with water (there is a risk of cracking due to chilling). Therefore, without hydraulic retarder, disc brake is not as reliable as drum brake plus water shower in long downhill road. Therefore, the forced disc brake is not as effective as the forced hydraulic retarder. 

For airbag suspension, it has two advantages, one is light weight, the other is good shock absorption effect and light weight, mainly for loading more goods under standard load. But in fact, for the warehouse grating and the railcar, the subdivision area sensitive to the self weight is mainly the transportation of coal and sandstone. But in this loading and unloading environment, the reliability of airbag suspension will be challenged. And the shock absorption effect is less necessary for the bin grid and the rail car. I believe it is not the main reason for the relevant departments to force airbag suspension. What really pushes it to the front desk is actually a "disadvantage" of airbags, that is, the carrying capacity is not as good as that of steel plates, and vehicles cannot be overloaded.

However, the overload area is mainly sand and stone transportation, or as mentioned above, what is the reliability of airbag suspension in this loading and unloading environment? At that time, not only can't we overload, but also some can't be transported, and some feel like "choking on food".

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