15 Jan 2020

Maintenance skills of spare tires for semi-trailers. Semi-trailers are a commonly used cargo transport vehicle. Usually, spare tires are provided in case of accidents during operation. Today we summarized the maintenance knowledge of the semi-trailer spare tires, and users can come to pay attention.

1. If the spare tier is left unused in the trunk, the life is only 4 years, and the tire aging phenomenon will occur when it is overdue, then  become waste tire.

2.We remind everyone that the spare tire of the semi-trailer cannot be put together with the oil, so as to avoid the oil from getting on the tire, which will cause the tire to swell and reduce its service life.

3. Be sure to regularly check the tire pressure of the spare tire for wear and cracks, and replace the tire as soon as possible before the tire tread wears to the symbol of wear.

This is what we told you about the maintenance skills of semi-trailer spare tires. I hope to help you. If you want to learn more about semi-trailer, you can continue to pay attention to our website, or you can contact us, we will answer your questions about semi-trailers.

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