18 Sep 2020

Will disc brakes be hot? Facing a long downhill, it still turns red


Since the disc brake is exposed to the air, it has better heat dissipation performance than drum brakes. Therefore, many people will think that the disc brake will not overheat when facing a long downhill section. But is that really the case?




Some time ago, we conducted a long descent test in Yunnan, and the following situations appeared:



It can be seen from the picture that when facing a long downhill section, the brake disc of the disc brake will also experience red heat, but unlike drum brakes, the disc brake can still be heated even if the temperature is so high. A relatively good braking force (compared to the cold state is definitely reduced, but compared to drum brakes, the braking force is maintained very well).



However, too high temperature will still bring many dangers, such as excessive wear of brake pads, natural goods and so on. Therefore, for card users who adopt disc brakes, we must pay attention to the following points:


1. When facing a long downhill section, use auxiliary braking (including engine braking, exhaust braking, hydraulic retarder) as much as possible to control the vehicle speed and avoid excessive brake temperature;


2. Do not spray water on the brake. The brake disc may crack if it encounters cold water after overheating.


One last sentence: Disc brakes are not omnipotent. Wrong use will bring greater danger. Drivers must pay attention.

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