21 Apr 2021

The following points should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance of the rear axle of the HOWO dump truck:

Keep the amount of lubricating oil

Keep the amount of lubricating oil and check it frequently during use. The oil volume of the wheel reducer and the axle final reducer. Lack of oil will cause early wear and tear of moving parts, and severely cause ablation. However, lubricating oil is not easy to be good, because excessive lubricating oil will cause high temperature and even lead to oil leakage.


When you change the lubricating oil of the wheel reducer for the initial maintenance of the new car, according to the regulations, when adding new oil, turn the wheel to the oil drain plug at the bottom, add lubricating oil to this high level, and then screw the oil filler plug in . Rotate the wheel repeatedly for several times, then turn the wheel to the oil drain plug at the highest position and the oil filler plug at the lesser half of the position. Open the oil filler plug to allow excess lubricating oil to flow out until the liquid level remains at the oil filler plug. Position, install the oil plug.


There are two screw plugs on the rear axle housing: there is an oil drain screw plug at the bottom of the tooth bag, and there is a oil filling screw plug near the half of the tooth bag. The normal liquid level should always be kept at the height of the oil filling screw plug.


The rear axle main reducer and wheel reducer use API GL-5 grade, SAE85W/90 viscosity grade gear oil. Lubricating oil injection volume: 16.5 liters of rear axle main reducer, 19.7 liters of middle axle final reducer, and the oil volume of each wheel reducer is about 3 liters.

Using the differential lock correctly

The wheel-to-wheel differential lock of the rear drive axle enables the left and right wheels to automatically differentially speed when the car is turning, so as not to wear the tires and cause mechanical damage. When a car slips on a smooth or muddy road with unilateral wheels, when the car is unable to drive out, hook the differential lock. At this time, the left and right axles become a rigid coupling shaft, and the car will naturally drive out of the faulty road.

Note: When a HOWO truck drives out of a faulty road, the differential lock should be removed immediately, otherwise it will cause serious accidents such as severe tire wear and damage to the differential.

Overload should be seriously avoided

The design load capacity of HOWO rear drive axle is 16 tons, and the wall thickness of the general vehicle axle housing is 16 mm. Severe overload and load concentration will cause deformation and tearing of the axle housing. In use, it must be loaded according to the load specified by the driving conditions.

Assemble the differential

During maintenance, if you reassemble couplings such as differentials, driven gears, etc., you must apply Loctite thread locking glue on the coupling threads and tighten them with the specified torque to ensure that the coupling bolts are locked. If abnormal noise is found during use, do not drive forcibly. Dismantling and repairing should be carried out immediately.

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